Only organizations classified as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service may apply to the Foundation for funding. The Foundation does not utilize fiscal agents to handle funds for organizations that do not have an IRS certification letter.

The Foundation’s grant making is focused primarily on organizations based in Metro Atlanta.

(Metro Atlanta is defined as the 13 counties served by the United Way of Greater Atlanta.)

Types of Funding Support Typically Eligible for Consideration:

  • Capital infrastructure projects critical to achieving an organization’s strategic growth goals.
  • Strategic expansion initiatives to enable an organization to better achieve its mission.
  • Organizational partnerships and mergers designed to maximize community impact.
  • Requests for early-stage investment in new and emerging projects are sometimes considered, if a project can demonstrate impact and a viable plan for financial sustainability.

    Organizations Not Eligible to Apply for Funding: 

    • All-volunteer-run organizations with no paid staff.
    • Private independent schools that have not previously received a grant from this Foundation (except for those that focus primarily on serving vulnerable children and youth).
    • Charter schools that do not primarily serve Title I or otherwise vulnerable children.
    • Individual public schools or PTA’s.
    • Nonprofit hospitals that do not have as their primary mission providing access to health care to medically indigent persons, including the uninsured.
    • Churches
    • Sports booster clubs.

    The Foundation Does Not Fund:

    • annual program and operating support
    • funds for an organization to decide how to re-grant to other organizations
    • tickets to charitable events or dinners
    • research
    • conferences or seminars
    • sponsorship of productions, performances or special events
    • legislative lobbying or other political purposes
    • requests to retire accumulated debt
    • grants or loans to individuals