Grant Decision Process

  • Trustees make their grant decisions based on materials prepared for them by Foundation staff. Direct contact by applicants with Trustees is not necessary.
  • Each applicant will be notified in writing shortly after a decision on its proposal has been made.
  • If a grant award is authorized, the grantee is asked to sign a written Grant Agreement that describes the purpose and conditions of the grant.
  • Unfortunately, due to limited funds, many meritorious requests cannot be funded. Please understand that the Foundation’s decision not to make a grant does not necessarily reflect any disapproval of the merits of the proposal or of the applicant organization.
  • All applicants are requested to wait at least one year from the date of any previous application or grant award payment before submitting a new proposal to the Foundation.
  • The Tull Foundation has a tradition of quiet giving, preferring no publicity or news releases. Grant recipients are requested to obtain permission before deviating from this practice. The inclusion of the Foundation’s name in a listing of annual supporters is, however, appreciated.

Grant Award Follow-up

Grant recipients will be requested to submit brief written reports, both periodically and at the completion of the funded project, describing what has been accomplished and accounting for the expenditure of the grant funds.