Mission Statement

The Foundation seeks to assist nonprofit organizations primarily in metro Atlanta leverage their capacity to have a more significant impact on priority community needs.

(Metro Atlanta is defined as the 13 counties served by the United Way of Greater Atlanta.)

The following criteria will be employed to assist in determining priorities for the awarding of grant funds: Organizational Capacity-Building, Serving Vulnerable Populations, Vibrant Community Assets.
Prior to submitting a full grant proposal, it is recommended that an applicant organization contact the Foundation via a concise letter-of-intent in order to determine the potential eligibility of the request.
Trustees make their grant decisions based on materials prepared for them by Foundation staff. Each applicant will be notified in writing shortly after a decision on their proposal has been made.

Core Values

The Tull Charitable Foundation embraces a set of core values that are rooted in the Foundation’s history and guide its thinking, actions, decisions, and priorities.


We adhere to a strong work ethic. We uphold and set high standards of excellence in our work and strive for honesty, humility and transparency in all that we do and expect the same of our non-profit partners. 


We are committed to being a philanthropic leader in the Metro Atlanta region and to making an impact on the issues on which we focus. We do this by asking the right questions and investing in community organizations that meet our thorough vetting process. We infuse this rigorous approach to grantmaking with intent and a sincere responsiveness to community needs.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of individuals working together to build community, in service of its wellbeing. This is the heart of our work.


We believe that impact is not made in isolation and that our work (internal and external) is strengthened through shared ideas. We recognize that our resources and impact can be multiplied through partnerships with grantees and peer grantmakers. We further value a productive and collaborative working relationship among the board and between the board and staff.


Just as our founders valued frugality and efficiency, we run a “lean” operation, hiring and guiding skilled staff and trustees and keeping our processes simple. We value organizations that espouse this philosophy.