The Tull Charitable Foundation embraces a set of core values that are rooted in the Foundation’s history and guide its thinking, actions, decisions and priorities.

Core Values


Our work strives for honesty, humility, trustworthiness and transparency in all that we do and expect the same of our non-profit partners.


We are committed to being a philanthropic leader in the Metro Atlanta region and making an impact through expanded access. We do this through partnership, building trust and focusing on racial and gender equity.

Community Engagement

We prioritize leadership and dialogue and focusing on historically excluded voices.


We believe that impact is not made in isolation and that our work is strengthened through shared ideas. We recognize that our resources and impact can be multiplied through partnerships among non-profit organizations and peer grantmakers. We further value a productive and collaborative working relationship among board members and between Board leadership and staff.


Just as our founders valued frugality and efficiency, we run a lean operation, hiring and guiding skilled staff and trustees and keeping our processes simple. We value organizations that espouse this philosophy.

Relational and Responsive

We are inspired by Mr. Tull’s legacy to listen and take action.