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 The Foundation seeks to assist nonprofit organizations primarily in metro Atlanta leverage their capacity to have a more significant impact on priority community needs. Requests from organizations located outside of Georgia are not considered.

An applicant organization must be exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation does not utilize fiscal agents to handle funds for organizations that do not have an IRS certification letter.

The Foundation's Trustees prefer to make grants that will have a significant and lasting impact on an organization as well as its community. Priority is given to grant requests that:

  • Are framed within the context of the organization's strategic plan and that result in enhanced organizational capacity;
  • Enable the organization to expand its impact on important community needs; and
  • Are cost-effective.

Requests for major capital projects are eligible for consideration. Requests for endowments and for the start-up of new initiatives are sometimes considered.

Requests for operating support of any kind (program, project or administrative) are NOT eligible for funding.

The Foundation also does NOT make grants:

  • to churches
  • to sports booster clubs
  • for tickets to charitable events or dinners
  • for research
  • for conferences or seminars
  • to sponsor productions, performances or special events
  • for legislative lobbying or other political purposes
  • to retire accumulated debt

Although multi-year grant commitments are occasionally approved by the Trustees, they are kept to a minimum. Most grant awards are based upon the Foundation's ability to fund them out of current year earnings.

The Trustees prefer that an applicant organization be able to demonstrate a broad base of financial support for a proposed project from its own community and constituency prior to asking for support of that project from the Foundation.

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